Case Reports

Charles River

Key points:

  • 70% increase in site traffic
  • Video library to increase customer satisfaction

Charles River produced a library of 6 technical video articles. The goal primary goal of the project was to demonstrate their technical expertise to the scientific community. Published articles resided on JoVE and have been viewed by more than 50,000 scientists in the past year.

The video components of the publication were made available to all customers under a technical resources site called “the source”.

“Adding video resources to “the source” increased our site traffic greater than 70%”Michel Province, Marketing Manager, Charles River

“It was very important to us that the articles were peer-reviewed. There is suspicion, and rightly so, of things seen as “puff pieces”. Our customer feedback has been uniformly positive and some of the pieces are being used in facilities as training aids, a fact of which we are very proud.”Kathleen Pritchett-Corning, DVM, DACLAM, MRCVS, Director, Research and Professional Services, Charles River

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Key points:

  • 150,000+ video article views
  • 5 language translations
  • Blended distribution strategy

Over 100 published video articles on JoVE contain video demonstration of Thermo Fisher products, form basic lab supplies and reagents to complex research tools.

Jove produced two video articles for Thermo Fisher’s Nanodrop group. Each article was translated into five languages (Chinese, Japanese, French, German & Spanish).

In one year alone one article generated over 100,000 views on JoVE. This was due not only to publication in a widely used topic(DNA Quantification), but also promotion of the video via email campaigns, their website, Biocompare and YouTube.

Boston Scientific

Key points:

  • Sales tool for reps to use with physicians to credibly review the technology and procedure demonstrated by a colleague
  • Resource used accross company brands

JoVE has partnered with Boston Scientific in the areas of Neuromodulation, Intervential Bronchoscopy, Cardiology and Structural Heart.

In Intervential Bronchoscopy JoVE developed two case report publicaitons on the physical treatment and administration of anestesia for an ablation system that treated severe asthma in patients.

Boston Scientific sales reps review these case reports with physicians in the field on the iPad. Additionaly the articles are provided for patient referral resources, training and support applications.