Commercial Copyright Subscriptions

Commercial Copyright Subscriptions

  • License content containing your products
  • Integrate content with your product pages
  • Make your website the sole source of Free Access content.
  • Produce new copyright owned content

Video Pre-Rolls

A branded slate pre-roll displays the start of a JoVE video article. The advertiser’s logo is shown in a 4-7 second screen with the standard intro text: “Support for the visualization of science provided by:” along with a voiceover. JoVE creates the content based on content provided by the advertiser.

Take a look at how this pre-roll looks on a JoVE Article here.

The pre-roll is displayed on every view of an article within the package purchased by the advertiser. Along with the pre-roll an on page banner is displayed. Both pre-roll and banner are clickable.

Why are pre-rolls better than banners? – Viewership Guaranteed

Pre-rolls are inescapable messaging for guaranteed viewership. Viewers have access to valuable functional content made possible because of your support.


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